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Marijuana advertising- awareness and exposure

Marijuana also known as Cannabis, is the dried leaves, flowers, stems and seeds from the Cannabis plant which contains two primary cannabinoids in marijuana such as delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). It is usually anticipated for use as a psychoactive drug and medicine.

The drug is generally consumed for mood enhancement, heightened euphoria, relaxation, and increase in appetite. Short-term memory, dry mouth, reddening of eyes, and anxiety are some of the common side effects of this drug.

Advertising marijuana to increase awareness

The main objective of advertising is to build awareness. If the drug is not advertised, then an individual will not be able to understand the vitality as well as side effects of it. Awareness will help a person to know the benefits and adverse effects of the drug.

Advertising is educational and dynamic in nature. It helps in familiarizing the customers with the drug and its diverse uses. An effectual advertisement results in swift change in the attitudes of the people. With rapid spread of media and its awareness promotion across the globe, people will become aware of marijuana and its benefits.

WeedDepot.com - Northsight Capital Inc (OTCBB:NCAP)

WeedDepot.com – Northsight Capital Inc (OTCBB:NCAP)

Marijuana and health benefits

Marijuana is mostly known for its side effects; however, the medicinal value of the plant has never been much highlighted. Marijuana’s harmful effects depend on the individual, the source and why they are using marijuana. Sometimes the positive effects of weed outweigh its negative effects. Marijuana has many known health benefits. Current research is revealing more health benefits. THC produces euphoric effects, which helps in relieving pain, stimulate appetite and suppress muscle spasms, whereas CBD helps in reducing inflammation, nausea, pain, anxiety and inhibits cancer cell growth.

There are many other health benefits of marijuana such as it promotes bone growth, reduces blood sugar levels, reduces function in the immune system, reduces vomiting and nausea, slows bacterial growth, suppresses muscle spasms, reduce seizures and convulsions and many more.

Is marijuana advertising legal or illegal?

It is hard to succeed in an industry without advertising. However, it is difficult to advertise things such as weed or marijuana. When it comes to drugs, there are strict rules in every country. Medical use of marijuana is legal in a limited number of territories such as Canada, Belgium, Australia, Netherlands, Spain and several U.S. states. The usage needs a prescription and the distribution is possible within a framework defined by laws.

Research on Marijuana

Marijuana research is challenging since the plant is illegal in most of the countries. The samples of drugs are difficult to obtain as one needs to get granted under authority of national government. Researchers are also facing difficulty in researching the effects of this drug as the people who smoke marijuana also smoke tobacco. As it is an illegal drug in many countries, people are reluctant to take part in the research, and if they also take part, then they are reluctant to reveal how much marijuana they actually smoke. However, many people in different countries are researching on this special drug and its effects and have published hundreds of studies.

Importance of advertising marijuana

Advertising marijuana will be helpful for the people to know its good and harmful effects. Law of many countries does not allow a business to use a website to sell marijuana products, however, the research on marijuana can be easily found on site. Advertisement will help in promoting awareness about the products and restrict a person from the harmful effects of the drug. People who are not aware of the drug and are forced to have it, can research and restrict themselves from overuse of this drug.

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Northsight Capital, Inc. (NCAP) is comprised of a portfolio of online marijuana-related websites that are being developed and operated by the company. These sites will incorporate many aspects of the marijuana industry. The company intends to provide its audience with a means to stay informed on the industry’s most cutting edge marijuana-related innovations and legislation. The company’s most dynamic concept, WeedDepot.com, provides consumers with a geo-targeted map directory of medical and recreational dispensaries, head shops, doctors, attorneys and more within the marijuana industry. The Weed Depot app can be downloaded for free at the iTunes Store and Google Play. Weed Depot has an entire platform of content suited for every aspect of advertising and marketing to consumers from all businesses.